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Photo Credit Kat Kiernan (http://katkiernan.com)

Photo Credit Kat Kiernan (http://katkiernan.com)

Alana Aviel is a New-York based artist/architect whose body of work reflects the intersection of analog and digital, drawing on her traditional training in the design methods of architecture and nods to the dynamic visual aspects of film.

Alana is currently working in Brooklyn, NY creating interactive projection map sculpture installations, fabricating custom props & furniture and shooting video content for advertising and film.

She recently returned from Burning Man 2015 Carnival of Mirrors where she was the Lead Fabricator for the Lumiphonic Creature Choir Project by Mark Bolotin featured in the maze at the Base of the Man himself.

Alana’s academic career began at the University of Southern California-School of Cinema-Television. Alana has been a 35mm film projectionist for over 15 years at small and large house cinemas like the Honolulu Academy of Arts and the Hawaii International Film Festival.

Alana’s passion for Architecture led her to the University of Hawaii— to complete her Doctorate of Architecture. Over the course of those 7 years she explored traditional methods of woodworking and fabrication to create modern forms uncovering her style of furniture design.

Her academic venture culminated with in depth research into the emerging field of Projection Mapping in New York City—where she now creates interactive sculptures which feature digital motion art exhibited via the medium of mapped projections.

Alana has upcoming projection map installations, and can also be found performing art direction, prop fabrication and production for photo shoots and feature films.

Alana is now embarking on her work being featured globally utilizing unique physical forms in conjunction with immersive projection mapped interiors.


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