Daily Drawings

September Dailies

Since my good friend and partner in crime Launa Eddy is in town I am back in action with Daily Drawings here is whats happening:


Thank Yous

So an egocentric individual would likely take credit for the work they perform, but I know more than many that it takes a hoard of many selfless amazing people to make most things happen. So though the final product was only a small part of a bigger project, these are the people I would like to thank for helping me make a miracle happen.


Consultation People:

Ryan O-Connor

Zander Brimijoin

Craig Winslow

People who Went above and Beyond:

Brian from St. Louis Thrifty

The Driver from Thrifty who took me to set up a bank account.

Cory and Shams from St. Louis Home Depot for loading up my car.

Alice at Michaels Crafts St. Louis for swiping like 10 coupons.
The two front desk guys at MoonRise Hotel for letting me load 8 8’x4′ sheets of foam into my hotel room without asking any questions.

Bob from the Monsanto Protest for doing 50 spontaneous things for me. And hey can I get your #?


Later-gram Daily Drawings

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