Embody is an interactive sculpture that appeared at Summit 2016 with the High Focus Institute.  Summit gathered Artists and performers to reflect on the following:

“How do we make meaning out of the modern world, which is constructed primarily of human artifacts?
How do we use that meaning to help us understand our place in the cosmos?
NOW Mother Earth is Spaceship Earth. TECHNOLOGY is the condition. Nothing has not been touched by the efforts of humankind, not even the weather. Here at THE HIGH FOCUS INSTITUTE we believe that not only can we use TECHNOLOGY to shape the world around us, we can use it as a tool to reconcile ourselves to the realities of NATURE.
The term “technology” includes every product of human invention, from a sharpened stick to virtual networks. The things we make in turn remake us & shift our understanding of what is possible.
We strive to use TECHNOLOGY to gain control over our surroundings, and the act of engaging with those surroundings IS the story of our SELF. The process of creating things is the process of creating identity.”
Embody is a vessel. A shape awaiting embodiment by any being so curious as to perceive its point of view. Embody has grown across time, its eyes entombed in stone and its lips soft and plush. Within its binocular lenses you can step outside yourself and see the world at many scales. How does stepping within this face take you outside yourself and how does viewing through these lenses focus your relation to nature?