One Year Ago to the Date on My Birthday….

Start taking the deep breathe,
It’s turned its leaf to the living side,
You stood strong in love,
This light holds inspiration,
Takes perspiration,
And draws admiration.
So own it,
Walk to the checkout,
Breathe in and out as if it’s already,
You earned it
You drew it,
And now it draws you,
To the light,
Of the other side,
The vulnerable side,
Together without barriers,
Broken down to be built —-
Anew and with new arms,
New hands to sculpt in unison,
Taking battles of daily comparison,
Contemplation and question,
Without erasing what came before,
To reframe,
To re—–
To renew the fleeting time,
To be remembered as the only frame,
To another picture,
The only tool to shape,
Another medium,
To push forward,
And stand behind,
Together in one,
Battle against time.

Cheers do being filled and pouring out.
Cheers to reaching out,
Building within,
To reframing ones reality,
In the context of another,
To muse, to inspire and rebuild,
Not dead just gasping,
To be not ignored,
To own, to wear, to admire,
And re inspire,
To draw upon slow breathes,
That being upon lasting,
Length, depth, and width,
To horizontal thinking,
Mirrored dreaming,
Unisoned collisions,
Optimized spent time,
Re contextualize existence,
Have you moved beyond?
walked away in fear,
Reversed track to the,
Prior habits?
Awaiting the chAnge in number?
Just grab on now,
Own your happiness,
Return to the dreams,
You once owned,
That were killed,
Suffocated in fear,
In regret,
In pause,
To live again,
To return to,
Heightened aspirations,
Of seventy years,


Being on your banter,
Bring it upward with the bullshit,
Breaking the surface of your denial,
Swimming upstream with brainwashed bullies of romance,
Be the man you dream to be,
Difficult in its constitution,
A walk in the park of avoidance,
Walking away is never the right way,
So where do you go all the time?
Is there a destination to your meandering foolishness?
Choose a path and carve your own,
If need be one will appear before you,
That you made with your own will.
Living past its expiration,
Wanting the happiness that is delivered, and emptied every morning,
Once waiting on your doorstep,
I can no longer watch you drown,
Diving with precision into your misery.
How are you capable of defeating death?
So fearless in the physical and fearful of the emotional
Be reckless in this life because you will live it again,
And make these same mistakes.


Its the strangeness and familiarity,

the beating moments that give tranquility.
Only curiosity arises in my self.
The bone, the muscle and the blood,
the carnal, the naked and the vulnerable.
Your triggers are just apparent.
Without intention,
because we are strangers.
There is this beat,
more so this tone,
in what you push out and what you exist within.
Something of that is also my own.
That has always been there.
That is honest. That is naked.
Just being is right.
Without thought,
there is our existence.
The murmur of ticking movements,
those of internal reality,
and external presence,
You prove that I am here.
We are not together.
We are not one utterance,
No edges that tie us together.
We reside within these orbits,
each our own but just the same.
The muttering of moments,
yours that feel like my own,
and those I long to live.
Why this understanding,
this reconciled, but never met,
matched and matchless ignition,
that resides in my breathe and in my dreams.
To understand oneself through the peace and battles of another.
In an artists mission,
the renaissance of longing to know,
and to have lived with all the moments of being,
someone else to understand oneself.
You might never stumble upon me,
we might never meet,
but we are in parallel,
the straightest of paths,
to be next to each other.

Internal Anger

The air pulls slowly between teeth,

Holding up the artificial smile of dormant happiness.

Whose held breathe needs no longer be shadowed. 

Lighting the pending storm to carve streams within his brow.
Defining wrinkles that speak wars,
Which once broke the bead of sweat through leather skin.

Strength which was bought on borrowed belly,
Empty of cause or circumstance,
Stance which drove the highway of oppression,
Packed onto stolen land.
Of a journey that breaks patterns of withdrawal,
In lingo and accent to hide fear.

Whose hands uncovered this strength,
Broke boundaries of name and title,
Drawing lines in the street of belief,
Only to dig deep enough to find the same,
Structure built on magnetism,
To the internal compass of union.
Badge the badgered with title of nonesense,
To remove opportunity by restricting imagination.
Break boundaries of seclusion by seclusion’s differences.
Break bread to bow down to indifference in the yeast.
That same growing mass of which we feed,
The lies that bring us closer to being far away. 

When crossed path are broken,
Broken in and out and in between,
In seams sewn loosely for comfort,
And tatter, To tie together mismatched pieces,
Once close to same in color and cord,
Now competing for draping in permanent attire.

To replace the blown out hair and wheels of status,
Status to statue the streams and storms of arrival,
Proclaiming welcome and dominance of home,
Of which are not part of an original pattern,
But borrowed and broken by change and time,
Time who has passed a square now lit with shame and selling.

No individual fits the bill to break a pattern of overthrow,
By barrels of money which no longer float with busted tap,
In keystone of completion in passive place,
To bring a game upon conquered towers,
Towers to hide the shameless and disconnected,
Wires that hang in danger of blowing to strike harm.

Any wear across rough faces,
Not shaven to hide the rash of quick decision.
Bring forth the challenge and change once known,
Active and passive in your back in the street,
A way from home to know one’s maker,
To change the rules for what was once known.

Many Missions

Embark upon the uncharted,

Lay new plans on the

over polished grain,

Break routines and routes,

with avenues and mounds,

conspire to…

perspiring to stretch,

new muscles,

new uniforms,

to be broken in,

and depths to explore within,

begin, betray and birth,


a fresh, abound,

of conserved energy,

exploration and


forget the rules,

define one’s own,

betray the familiar,

To birth from creative,

Inventive, castings from

the lives prior,

the bridges built on

clay are sinking,

once bestowed with beauty,

and now breathing from

additive mediums,

methods and improvisations,

what happens next is

real, found and


poured for permanence,

and apparent souls

and soldiers.

Standing tall to surf to

the next chapter,

the realm of future

potential, possibilities

and end of portability.

Build dams to damn the

transient strength,

facade of dear,

facing real honest

exploration of being,

breathing and breaking,

invisible boundaries,

Never bonded, or bound,

just painted upon,

and never relished

but relinquished of possibility,

potential and poetry.

Potency diluted through diligent protection from

imagined hurdles,

hauled baggage of

bullshit, built upon,

presumed conclusions of futures.